Aztecs Take on Baylor in the Garden


In a big win on Tuesday night over Saint Mary's, the San Diego State Aztecs opened the door for a chance at two more wins -- in the NIT Final Four.

The Aztecs are on their way to New York City to compete in the NIT Final Four. They play Baylor University in the semifinals Tuesday night at Madison Square Garden.

Head coach Steve Fisher says they're proud to be representing themselves.

"We are extremely excited to still be playing," Fisher said. "Our job is not finished and we're definitely all on point with that thought."

As for the competition, Fisher says that Baylor struggled very early on in the Big 12, but brought it back and became a really good team.

"We're meeting a red-hot team, a very good team, a senior-led team that will come in very excited like we will. We're anxious to play and we are looking forward t oan opportunity to win two more games," said Fisher.

Forward Ryan Amoroso has already made a trip to Madison Square Gardens. He played there in the Big East tournament during his sophomore year at Marquette, before transferring to San Diego State.

Lorrenzo Wade says he's excited that his mom will come see him play. As for pre-game strategy, Wade says he's going to watch some highlight videos for inspiration.

"What i'm going to do is watch some of LeBron and Kobe's highlights in the Garden because they go off when they play there," said Wade. "Maybe we can make some of that magic happen."

Game time is scheduled for 4p.m. PT on ESPN2.

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