“American Pickers” in Wet Suits

Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz - famous for climbing through piles of trash looking for treasure - put on wet suits for a surfing lesson in Oceanside.

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Mike Wolfe, Julie Cox and Frank Fritz (L-R) walk out of the water after their surf session in Oceanside's classic pier break. Wolfe and Fritz are the co-hosts of History Channel's "American Pickers."
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The pair took in the surf lesson while taping an episode with the California Surf Museum.
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Wolfe and Fritz, normally seen in dirty jeans and T-shirts, donned wetsuits. The pair are often followed as they backtrack small towns looking for antiques and memorabilia.
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While in Oceanside, the pair hunted for surf memorabilia in San Diego.
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"The California Surf Museum worked closely with Frank and Mike in directing them to possible 'picking' sites in the area," said Julie Cox, pro surfer and operations manager for the museum. "We helped give them an idea of what to look for and appraised the items they ultimately selected."
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To thank the museum for its help, the show donated one of its 'picks' to the museum-- a Plastic Fantastic Stinger surfboard made in the early 1970s. The team is seen here during taping.
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The Oceanside episode is scheduled to air Monday, March 28 at 9 p.m. on the History Channel.
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