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Young Rangers Fan Snags Two Foul Balls in a Row

This kid is gonna be good.



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    Never has there been such a clear cut winner of the Progressive Fan of the Game.

    There is a youth movement going on in Arlington; that's no big secret. But this is getting ridiculous.

    On Sunday afternoon, the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington was teeming with enthusiasm. Texas beat the Boston Red Sox 4-3 to overtake the lead in the wild card by half a game. But some of the loudest cheers that erupted on that balmy afternoon had nothing to do with what was happening on the field.

    In the bottom of the fifth inning, Josh Hamilton fouled off Junichi Tazawa's offering down the left field line. C.J., a young fan from Cedar Hill made a backhand grab over the row of seats directly behind him, resembling a big league second baseman going back on a fly to shallow right-center. It was a great catch.

    But the kid wasn't done.

    Three pitches later, Hamilton smoked a fastball from Tazawa down the line again, only to be snagged by C.J again.

    Rangers Ballpark in Arlington exploded as fans around the park noticed what had happened. Players, no doubt, were befuddled by the chorus of cheers as it spread throughout the park.

    C.J. made ESPN's SportsCenter, likely making him the most famous grade-school fan since Jeffery Maier. Only C.J. didn't irreparably change the outlook of a postseason series.

    Look again: These were not cans-o-corn, but were actually a couple of difficult plays. Hopefully, Jon Daniels was watching and is now keeping tabs on the young fan, who can't ride all the rides at Six Flags,but has an arguably better glove than Manny Ramirez.