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Will Tim Brown Get the Ol' Raiders Snub?



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    Nevermind that Ray Guy was left off a recent Top-10 All-Time Oakland Raiders list this week -- he's been shunned from the NFL Hall of Fame for decades.

    Many Raiders faithful feel that some in the league have it out for the silver-and-black; some sort of payback for being iconoclastic, unruly and unpredicatble, both on and off the field.

    This weekend it may Tim Brown's turn to get the snub -- again -- according to the BleacherReport.com.

    Last year was his first chance at the HoF: denied.

    This year, the candidates' class is not quite as deep, which should bode well for the Raiders legend.

    Other Raiders that are on the "should be in the Hall" list are Cliff Branch (most notably defended by Jerry McDonald at the Contra Costa Times), Jim Plunkett (was if the Patriots stint?), Tom Flores (ruled during the unruly period), Ken Stabler (too snake-y?), Jack Tatum (too Assassin?), Lester Hayes (don't even mention Stickem), Dave Dalby (what can you have against a center?) and, of course, Ray Guy.

    Good luck, Timmy. Looks like you'll need it.