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    Hayne Palmour IV/North County Times
    "I'm not dumb.... You don't just have opportunities handed to you because you look good in the weight room," Merriman told the North County Times. "You have to perform when the time comes."

    The Chargers hope Shawne Merriman will make the NFL remember why they used to worry about him.

    Merriman hasn't sacked a quarterback in quite some time. It was a regular occurrence during his first three seasons in the NFL, a golden era when he accumulated 39.5 sacks, seven forced fumbles and three straight trips to the Pro Bowl.

    A busted knee consumed Merriman's 2008 season shortly after it began. He went under the knife last September to surgically repair the joint he has been rehabilitating ever since. At times, Merriman has been able to channel his pent-up aggression into productivity in the weight room, reports the North County Times. At others, the withdrawal has proven too much to bear.

    "I'm frustrated as hell," Merriman told the paper. "I want to get out there and play ball. The advantage I have is that I get to do it with a helmet and shoulder pads, so any frustration I have will be taken out on the field."

    Merriman's time is rapidly approaching. While he was limited in this weekend's minicamp, he's nearly 100 percent and said he's stronger than ever.