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Warriors Ellis Gets a New Look



    Warriors Ellis Gets a New Look
    The Basketball Jones
    This is reportedly Monta Ellis' latest tattoo.

    While some may debate whether Warriors' guard Monta Ellis is a legitimate NBA super star, there is no doubting his eye for art.

    The Warriors' leading scorer and most recognizable player is also known for his tattoos. And now he reportedly has a new one to brag about.

    The 25-year-old father already has full sleeves that are on full display every time he takes the court.

    Now the shooting guard has a family tree draped across the entire front half of his body from his waist to his chest.

    He has a cherub, a baby's face -- presumably his son's Monta Jr. --  over his left breast and the words "family first" across his chest.

    The image doesn't show his head but the detail on the arms does match other pictures of Ellis. You decide for yourself.