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Wakeboarding Without the Wake-Maker

Boatless wakeboarding latest Big Bear summer attraction



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    Wakeboarding has moved-in on water-skiing just like snow boarding has put the crunch on the more traditional use of skis to get down a snow covered mountain.  Well, now, up at Big Bear you can give wake-boarding a try and you don't even need a boat.

    It's called "Cable Park" and it's located in Metcalf Bay at Big Bear Lake.  As the name suggests, it uses cables, running between two towers, to pull wakeboarders up out of the water and along a 500' path of smooth, glassy water.  The cable is powered by a diesel generator and, as a result, is pretty cheap to run, says owner/operator Desi Hauer.   In his comparison between cable and speedboats, Hauer says his generator will use up only 4-8 gallons of fuel in a full day of pulling boarders while a boat burns 5-10 gallons each time it kicks into high gear.

    An hour of "cable boarding" is $25 but again, compare that to renting a boat and you're talking a fraction of the cost.  Get exact location and all the details by first clicking here then "The Cable Park."