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Ugly Never Gets Old



    Ugly Never Gets Old
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    Broncos fans got an eyeful of retro uniforms earlier this season.

    Those who may have thought the nadir in retro sports uniforms was what the Broncos sported earlier this year now have something to look forward to. The Padres are breaking out their retro mustard-and-mud look for home Thursday afternoon games next season.

          Team president Tom Garfinkel said the Padres will wear replica uniforms from 1978 for their six scheduled Thursday day games at Petco Park. Garfinkel expects the team to wear white jerseys with brown sleeves and yellow trim, and white pants.
    Better news: The Padres plan to lower parking and concession prices for all games, including beer prices, Garfinkel said. He didn't have specifics yet on beer prices.

    The home whites aren't as garish as the other two combos from that era: yellow jerseys and yellow pants, and brown jerseys and white pants.
    Garfinkel also says Thursday games will feature organ music.