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Touchdowns For a Great Cause

Join the Chargers in helping the children of fallen Warriors



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    In the NFL, scoring touchdowns is a challenge. Now the Chargers are working on a different kind of touchdown challenge. The Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation touchdown challenge.

    Talk about a tremendous cause. 100 percent of the money raised goes directly to the children of fallen Marines and Federal Law Enforcement personnel. It goes toward, among other things, the cost of the children's higher education, and so far there's a lot of cash in the coffer.

    "The offensive line is all donating 100 dollars per touchdown that we score on offense," said center Nick Hardwick. "We'll gladly take the defense's touchdowns when they're ready to start doing that."

    So far the Chargers have scored 28 touchdowns ---- none by the defense, by the way. With 8 offensive linemen on the roster, that makes $22,400 already. While everyone is on board, Hardwick is the one really pushing for the cause.

    "I was a ROTC student coming out of college," he said, "until I got a chance to start on the football team and then the Navy let me out of my ROTC obligation, so it's something that I've always been into. I was going to go serve but, this came along and I jumped on the opportunity so I have a lot of friends in the military. It's just something that's very underappreciated, I feel, in this country."

    Well, now you can help show some appreciation, too. Go to the website to sign up. Your contributions will support local San Diego children.

    "Guys are giving up their lives and limbs for us," says Hardwick, "and we get this opportunity to play a great game, that's the least we can do."

    It's the least the rest of us can do, too. I signed up to pledge and it only took about 3 minutes. So go for it!