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Time To Play Over/Under On When Tebow Gets To Start



    Time To Play Over/Under On When Tebow Gets To Start
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    ARLINGTON, TX - AUGUST 11: Tim Tebow #15 of the Denver Broncos is tackled by Victor Butler #57 of the Dallas Cowboys during a preseason game at Cowboys Stadium on August 11, 2011 in Arlington, Texas. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

    We’ve been watching the Denver Broncos QB situation quickly deteriorate here at NBC, and now that the team is 1-3 under Kyle Orton, and now that Denver fans at last have their START TEBOW billboard up for all to see, I think it’s fair to assume that Tebow, at some point, will be named the starter for Denver. It’s simply a matter of when.

    And that’s where things get a bit dicey. The Broncos lost to Green Bay this weekend, dropping them to 1-3. They have a game against the 2-1 Chargers after that, and then the bye week. If the Chargers beat Denver and they fall to 1-4 going into the bye, you’d think John Fox and John Elway would be compelled to prepare Tebow and go with him the rest of the way.

    The problem is that Fox and Elway inherited Tebow, and it doesn’t seem as if either man is all that enamored with keeping him around. Perhaps both men are engaged in a diabolical plot to see Tebow FAIL, so the Broncos can tank and start fresh with a newly hand-picked savior in Andrew Luck or Landry Jones. If Fox and Elway were such evildoers, they could hold off on Tebow for even longer, fearing a good performance by Tebow would saddle them with him for years to come. After all, everyone is annoyed at them for keeping Tebow benched right now. What’s another two months of flak?

    Or, if they were really mean, they could throw Tebow out against the Chargers pass rush next week, just so his confidence could be broken quickly, allowing them to exorcise the Brady Quinn Option (don’t think they aren’t capable of it). I’m sorry to espouse such theories, but there are plenty of Broncos fans who already believe Tebow is being blackballed, and Fox and Elway have done little to manage the situation properly. Orton is regressing under Fox, and the team desperately needs resolution to this problem. Tebow should be starting now, or by Week 7 at the very latest. If Tebow is starting by then, you’ll know Elway and Fox are genuinely interested in seeing him succeed. If they keep him out till December? Do not trust these men.