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"They Call It Importing"



    "They Call It Importing"
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    Kansas City Chiefs wide-receiver Dwayne Bowe may be regretting what he told ESPN the Magazine in its latest issue.

    Bowe claims some of his teammates weren't just trying to win games on road trips, they were also trying to score off the field.

    "My rookie year, we were playing in San Diego," Bowe said.  "You hear stories about groupies hanging out in hotel lobbies, but some of my teammates had it set up so there was a girl in every room."

    Bowe went on to talk about how veteran players were the ones arranging the meetings because they had the money.  Social networking also made it easier to make a love connection.

    "The older guys get on Myspace and Facebook a week before we go to a city; when a pretty one writes back, they arrange to fly her in three or four days in advance.  They call it importing," Bowe said.

    He also said the women "knew everything about us--first and last names, sisters and brothers, salary."  Bowe claims the women also didn't care if the players were married.

    The statements have sparked outrage across the NFL.  Some players doubt Bowe's allegations including former Charger Lorenzo Neal who said the players are too closely monitored on the road.

    "The NFL brings security, the teams have security," Neal told NBCSanDiego.

    If it is happening, Neal said the NFL will step in and stop it.  "I think that guys do have to be accountable, when you're on the road, you're there to play a football game."

    Former Chiefs player Jimmy Wilkerson told the Kansas City Star that Bowe's statements are false.

    "It makes it look like the coaches let this kind of stuff go on and I know Coach [Herm] Edwards did not do that," Wilkerson said.