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The Worst Sports Injury You Will See All Week

FYI: If any body part of <i>ours</i> is halved, we're not making the throw to first.



    The Worst Sports Injury You Will See All Week
    Vanderbilt Athletic Department

    If you do anything athletic this week, we heartily suggest swathing yourself in bubble wrap first lest you catch the gruesome injury bug going around. Saturday alone saw West Virginia coach Bob Huggins cradling Da'Sean Butler as he lay writhing on the court with a torn ACL and, later, Milwaukee Bucks center Andrew Bogut's arm flopping like a noodle as his elbow popped out of socket.

    But the dubious award for Horrifying Injury of the Week (month? year?) is awarded to Vanderbilt pitcher Corey Williams, who took a line drive off Gators catcher Austin Maddox in Gainesville, Fla., on Saturday that SPLIT HIS KNEECAP IN HALF.

    Fortunately, the video isn't gruesome, just cringe-inducing -- and at least, unlike Bogut's elbow, his kneecap(s) didn't travel into his shin or anything. (That's Williams' actual x-ray up there, courtesy of Vanderbilt.)

    But the video does confirm one thing: Corey Williams is the toughtest SOB on the face of the planet, because after ONE OF HIS BODY PARTS WAS HALVED, he actually bothered to collect the ball and make the throw to first to ensure his assailant, Florida freshman Austin Maddox, was out. 

    Williams will undergo surgery and expects to finish rehab in time to hit the mound mid-to-late summer. The team's trainer told the Palm Beach Post's Ben Violin that Williams reported he was "fine," although his knee was "tender."

    Yeah, it could probably use some icy-hot.


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