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The Brown is Back for the Padres

Friars official unveil their new brown and gold uniforms



    The Brown is Back for the Padres

    Brown. Is. Back.

    On Saturday night the San Diego Padres went back to their roots, unveiling their new brown uniforms in front of a raucous crowd at Petco Park.

    In a hype video that played on the biggest stadium screen in the National League, Padres Executive Chairman Ron Fowler said the Friars did multiple focus groups before landing on the brown color scheme. The reason for that was the Padres wanted to be sure they were making the right decision on a change because they don’t want to make another one for a long time.

    “These are the uniforms we’re going to win a championship in.”

    Padres Showcase New Brown UniformsPadres Showcase New Brown Uniforms

    Fowler says the Padres did about 1,000 hours of research trying to gauge what color scheme Padres fans wanted most. After landing on brown two things really stood out:

    The Friar Faithful wanted pinstripes and the return of the vintage Swingin’ Friar. Both are featured in the new scheme, with the Friar earning a large patch on the left arm of the uniforms.

    Three jerseys were modeled by three Padres stars. Shortstop Fernando Tatis Jr. came out first in the alternate road gear, a muted brown with the dark brown pinstripes and San Diego across the front.

    1st baseman Eric Hosmer followed in the road uniforms with all brown tops and no pinstripes that are very similar to the ones the Padres have been wearing on Friday nights at home in recent years.

    Then 3rd baseman Manny Machado arrived in the home uni’s, white with brown pinstripes and Padres emblazoned across the front.

    “This is all about the fans. We go out there, enjoy our business and we play for the fans and for the city,” said Machado. “This is what they chose. It’s good to unveil them tonight and know that our front office and the people who worked on these jerseys did a good job picking out these amazing, beautiful jerseys for us.”

    In 2019 more than half the teams in Major League Baseball used blue as their primary color. The Padres didn’t have a way to stand out. In 2020 (and beyond) that is not going to be a problem.

    “It’s going to be different. It’s going to be unique,” said Tatis Jr. “They’re gonna know who’s playing right away when they see the brown on the field.”

    Of course, if the Padres don’t find a way to start winning a whole lot more then it doesn’t matter what they’re wearing. But maybe bringing back the brown is the start of something special.

    “People started saying that maybe brown is the difference,” said Fowler. “I don’t necessarily believe in that but if there’s a causal relationship with brown helping us win, I’m all for it.”