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Sound Mind Secret to Cason’s Success

Visualization allows him to anticipate plays on field



    Antoine Cason stood at the microphone, asked to quote one of his favorite movies, the 1988 Eddie Murphy comedy “Coming to America.”

    “I could go all day,” Cason warned, flashing a smile as bright as his future with the Chargers.
    Finally, he began.
    “Well,” Cason said, “when he was singing, he dropped the microphone. And he’s totally terrible. He’s like, ‘That boy good!’ And he’s not good!”
    Cason started laughing.  From there, he began but stopped himself short of quoting the part where Saul drops his chicken bone into the church donation basket and says, “Oh! I thought it was trash!”
    He really could go all day.

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    Cason’s not just quoting a movie. He’s talking about football and the secret to his success in it.
    The third-year cornerback practices something sports psychologists preach. Before games, he visualizes different scenarios — tackling, jamming, covering, deflecting, intercepting — involving different players he'll face. By the time he hits the field, he’s ready for what’s to come because he’s seen it all before.
    “It’s just like a movie,” Cason, 24, said. “If you see it over, over and over again, you’re going to know every word of the movie. Everyone has a movie they know every line to without even watching it. They know what’s coming.” 
    Cason also applies positive reinforcement through self-talk.
    Through that internal dialogue, he convinces himself he’s capable of achieving whatever it is he wants, be it having a productive practice or making a play.
    In his mind, Cason is already in the Pro Bowl conversation. If he keeps this up, voters could be convinced soon.
    Chargers coach Norv Turner described Cason as “amazing” in Sunday’s game against the Jaguars. Cason had two interceptions and one forced fumble in the first half while maintaining strong, steady play throughout the game.
    His visualization and self-talk were realized.
    “Whatever works,” tight end Antonio Gates said. “Whatever got him playing the way he was playing last week, he can keep doing it.”
    Not terrible. That boy good.

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