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Chargers Dilemma: Solid or Spectacular?

What do they want at wide receiver?



    Chargers Dilemma: Solid or Spectacular?
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    It's that old question we've all had to answer at some point. Do you want something reliable that you can always depend on to get the job done and never makes mistakes, but lacks a real "WOW!" factor? Or do you want something that might let you down occasion, but flashes such amazing potential you get goosebumps just thinking about the potential?

    That's basically the situation the Chargers find themselves in as Saturday's roster cutdown deadline approaches. For my money, the preseason's most compelling story line has been at wide receiver. Richard Goodman, Seyi Ajirotutu and Bryan Walters all proved they belong in the NFL. But, unless the Chargers decide to hold on to seven wideouts (and, given the relative lack of depth at middle linebacker, I don't know why they wouldn't seriously consider it) those three guys are fighting for two roster spots.

    Ajirotutu has the most extensive resume. Last year he earned a spot on the practice squad, was signed to the team after a rash of injuries, and won a game ball for his two touchdown performance in Houston. I'd have to assume he's going to get a spot.

    So that leaves Goodman and Walters. Goodman is vastly more gifted physically. He's faster and more explosive. But, he's also prone to lapses in judgment, as we saw against the Patriots last season when Richard dropped a ball to celebrate a catch even thought he hadn't been tackled.

    If Goodman is the sportscar that looks good but spends too much time in the shop, then Walters is a Volvo. He's not flashy, just super reliable. Walters had a kickoff return for a touchdown and caught another touchdown pass. He's always in the right place and doesn't drop the ball. But, he's not the guy you turn to when you need a game-breaking play.

    I'm torn on this. You can never have too many playmakers on offense. But, the Chargers already have so many playmakers on offense it would be nice to have that security blanket they can always fall back on. Bottom line, I hope both guys make the team. Norv Turner and Philip Rivers will find a way to use them both. We'll find out soon if they'll get that chance.