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Secret Poll: Raiders Are NFL's Least-Desirable Team

For the players, there's no worse place to play in the NFL than Oakland.



    Secret Poll: Raiders Are NFL's Least-Desirable Team
    Joe Kukura
    Who wouldn't want to play here? Most of the NFL, apparently.

    Oakland truly is a black hole--for the players.

    The Oakland Raiders have the dubious distinction of being the NFL's least-desirable employer, according to a secret poll of NFL players conducted by ESPN.

    The scientific method used to define Coliseum as the workplace to be avoided for football professionals was to ask "100-plus players" to fill in the following blank:

    "The only way I'd play for [blank] is if they doubled my salary."

    And 23 percent of the 82 players who responded said that it was the Raiders, according to ESPN.

    Could it be the string of losing seasons? The commitment to excellence that's seen signings of the likes of JaMarcus Russell?

    Also on the "do not trade me here" list: Buffalo, Cleveland, and, oddly, the beloved Green Bay Packers.

    The Raiders last had a winning season in 2002 and have become known as a last stop of last resort for some players on their way out of uniform. Or, if you're Carson Palmer, a place to fail up before posting one of your best statistical seasons after leaving.

    In the Raiders' defense, future Hall of Fame candidate Charles Woodson -- a once and current Raider, having begun his career here before heading to Green Bay and returning last year -- called the poll "skewed," saying that he's never heard a player utter a discouraging word.

    Maybe just not in his presence.