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Jacques Cesaire: Family and Football



    Jacques Cesaire: Family and Football
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    Antonio Gates and Jacques Cesaire celebrate their team's 27-24 victory against the Cincinnati Bengals on December 20, 2009.

    Any parent will tell you that raising a family is a full-time job. Playing professional football is demanding in its own right.

    In spite of this, many players in the NFL do both.

    Chargers defensive end Jacques Cesaire is one of these football dads.

    This will be Cesaire’s ninth year in the league, and third year as a dad. He has two little ones, a three-year old daughter and ten-month old son.

    Obviously, Cesaire’s time at home greatly diminishes during the regular season.

    So how does he balance his two families - the one in the locker room and the one he has created with his wife, Jill?

    “I have a great wife that helps out a lot and she does a lot of the work,” Cesaire said with a laugh. “So I’m not going to take credit for that.”

    With the help of his wife, he has the ability to continue in the two worlds he loves.

    “When it’s time to play, I’m here to play,” Cesaire said. “And change diapers when they need it.”

    Cesaire will celebrate his birthday Thursday, he'll go and play against the San Francisco 49ers and then he will come home and take his family to the park to play soccer.

    If that isn’t the best of both worlds I’m not sure what is.