Aztecs Picked to "Win It All" in NCAA Bracket - NBC 7 San Diego

Aztecs Picked to "Win It All" in NCAA Bracket

The process of filling out this NCAA bracket may be questionable or prophetic - depending on your viewpoint



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    Players were elated when they learned they would face the Sooners. Wonder what they think of dolphins?

    If you’ve got the San Diego State University Aztecs winning it all in your NCAA Tournament bracket, you have good company.

    Not only are you among many SDSU alums who may be described as “wishful thinkers” but you’re also right up there with the dolphins at the Georgia Aquarium.

    The marine mammals filled out their bracket by choosing a colored ball with the team’s name on it.

    Sportscaster Dick Vitale helped them out Tuesday as part of an event sponsored by an insurance company.

    Aztecs to Face Oklahoma in NCAA Tourney

    [DGO] Aztecs to Face Oklahoma in NCAA Tourney
    A team from San Diego goes to Philadelphia to play a team from Oklahoma in the South regional, and people from Maine to the Midway have a rooting interest. NBC 7's Todd Strain reports.
    (Published Monday, March 18, 2013)

    Naturally the dolphins chose the Aztecs to not only win their first matchup in the tourney but picked the 7th-seed in the South Region to win it all.

    Vitale didn’t share their excitement and chose Louisville.

    SDSU heads to Philadelphia Wednesday for their first game in the tournament against Oklahoma. The Friday game will air live on TBS after the Georgetown-Florida Gulf Coast game, which is set for a 3:50 p.m. PT start.

    Who knows? What do you say Aztecs fans – could this be the year of the dolphin?