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Rookie One Step Closer to Becoming an X-Man

Mathews' nose no longer goes



    Rookie One Step Closer to Becoming an X-Man
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    Running back Ryan Mathews #24 of the San Diego Chargers carries for a first down on fourth and one before being tackled by safety Major Wright #27 of the Chicago Bears on August 14, 2010

    When superhuman speed and strength aren't enough, Chargers running back Ryan Mathews has a new special power to show off to the boys and girls at Westchester Mansion.

    What's that, Wolverine? You can heal quickly and have finger blades? Huh, Cyclops? You can shoot lasers from your eyes?

    That's nothing. Mathews can stop nosebleeds before they happen. Boom. Beat that. Didn't think so.

    On Tuesday, the rookie first-round draft pick missed practice to have his nose cauterized. Normally, such a minor producedure would not be newsworthy.

    When a non-athlete undergoes the routine operation, a video of it isn't typically worth referencing, no matter if there is a violin maniacally playing in the background while a doctor who “tacks lack thas” narrates the whole thing.

    But in Mathews' case, this nose cauterization does actually carry some relevance.

    In the first half of last Saturday's preseason game, Mathews was forced to miss most of a series because of a ravaging nosebleed. It wasn't the first time his nasal floodgates have untimely opened.

    “I've been getting them off and on for a while,” Mathews told the North County Times. “It's not like the nose bleeds forever or anything, but it is an inconvenience. It normally happens when I get hit pretty good, but it can also just start due to dry weather.”

    Only Halle Berry could create such a perfect storm.

    So the news, and there is news out of this, is Mathews won't be forced off the field by nosebleeds when the games start to matter, and fans won't get upset that their favorite team drafted the next Jon Ritchie.

    X-Men and humans: together in harmony at last.