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Park View Set to Meet the President

The boys of summer from Chula Vista finally have a date with President Barack Obama



    Park View Set to Meet the President
    Park View celebrates with their championship banner after beating Taiwan 6-3 in the Little League World Series Championship baseball game in South Williamsport, Penn., on Aug. 30, 2009. At upper right is Luke Ramirez and lower left is Oscar Castro.

    The Blue Bombers are heading to Pennsylvania Avenue for a big meeting.

    The Park View All-Stars, who won it all at the Little League World Series last year in Williamsport, Penn., have had some big moments since their last out of 2009 -- meeting George Lopez, the Padres and Chargers, and Vice-President Joe Biden come to mind -- but nothing will likely top their meeting on Friday with President Barack Obama.

    In the past, some teams have not been able to travel to Washington because of financial hardships, according to Little League officials, but that won't be the case for Park View, thankfully.

    The kids and their families will be making the trip for free, thanks to their sponsors at Southwest Airlines and AT+T. They will  fly out on Thursday a little after noon, headed for Baltimore, said Park View Little League president Rod Roberto, whose son Bradley played right field of the championship team.

    Roberto said 60 people -- the boys and their families, will be making the journey to the nation's capitol.

    "I think all the kids are excited to go," Roberto said. "Sometimes you have to remember that they're 12 years old. The kids are just excited to go somewhere, and the president is just part of that excitement."

    The team won it all in August, when they were informally invited to visit the White House by the vice president, then found out in November that an official invitation was being extended. The White House and our local boys of summer were finally able to work out the logistics and settle on a date just last month.