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Padres Petco Invite to PVLL: Sept 12

As the Park View Little League team enjoys the spoils of victory, the Padres announce the night they'll be honored at PETCO



    Padres Petco Invite to PVLL: Sept 12
    Luke Ramirez celebrates after getting the final out of the game in the fourth inning against San Antonio on Aug. 29. Chula Vista won 12-2.

    After the Little League Champs get a heroes’ welcome at Southwestern, then a VIP tour of the Chargers practice facility and no doubt a BMOC greeting at their individual schools, the Padres will welcome the team to batting practice on -- get ready -- September 12. Two full weeks after the team secured their championship.

    The Padres announced Tuesday that they’ll host the Park View Little League team at PETCO Park before their game against the Rockies. Players will arrive in limos, get a clubhouse tour, meet the Pads, watch batting practice and get a few swings in themselves.

    Yes, this will be a thrill for the Little Leaguers who may be seriously considering a career as a pro baseball player now that they have gotten a taste of baseball fame but some may be wondering, where were the Padres this week?

    I was ready to call Moorad and give him a piece of my mind before learning, thanks to Craig Elsten at, just how active the Padres have been behind the scenes.

    The Padres donated auction items during the regionals and helped raise money during the World Series run. They donated $10,000 for the families to travel to Williamsport, Pa. They are also offering a special discount to all fans for the September 12 game under the promo code PARKVIEW that will give a portions of the proceeds back to the league.

    That’s not something that can realistically get organized in 24 or 48 hours.

    Bank of America has stepped up to sponsor tickets to the game for all the Park View Little League team's players, coaches and families.

    So go to the Padres website, buy your ticket and get there early. The team will be honored as part of a pre-game ceremony prior to the 7:05 p.m. start.