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One Man's Scandal Is Another's Gold Mine



    One Man's Scandal Is Another's Gold Mine
    Dave Smith
    Hundreds of figurines are shipped out each day from this San Diego warehouse.

    A Carlsbad toy distributor made the business deal of the year. John Orozco bought 44,000 Tiger Woods figures about a month before Thanksgiving.

    At first, the warehouse full of action figures was hardly moving.

    “In the beginning, it was really slow,” Orozco said. “They were just trickling out of here.”

    Then, the golf legend got into that accident outside his home.

    Fast-forward three weeks and Orozco is shipping out hundreds of the Upper Deck-made figures a day. Each sells at a cost of $10-20 each.

    Orozco says personally he's a Tiger fan. Capitalizing on the crisis wasn't something he planned but hopes the hype continues past the gift-giving season.

    “We thought it was going to be bad, as soon as the scandal happened because we've had Kobe Bryant stuff, Michael Vick stuff in the past and its been terrible,” he said. “This has been the first athlete that had a problem that we’ve been able to sell their product.”