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Norv: Coach of the Year



    Norv: Coach of the Year
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    We all, officially, owe Norv Turner an apology.

    At some point pretty much every Charger fan said he needs to be replaced --- or turn over play calling duties --- or something other than what he was doing.

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    Turner won the USA Today's NFL head coach of the year award. Cincinnati's Marvin Lewis was second. They got it right.

    "Any of those things are great," Turner said Thursday. 

    "These things happen because we have a great staff and we have a great group of players. Anything I receive like that I would point the attention to them," he said.

    Turner did a terrific job holding things together when the offensive and defensive lines were hit hard with injuries over the first two weeks of the season.

    The Chargers take an 11-game winning streak into the playoffs. They earned a week off.

    "I think our guys understand. We're going to get them some rest but this is about doing some extra work in terms of preparation," Turner said.

    Turner is eight games under .500 as an NFL coach but he has a winning record in games after byes and in the playoffs.

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