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Niners Talk Moving Forward

Singletary: "The coaching has to be better"



    After the worst loss during his tenure with the 49ers (34-7 to San Diego), head coach Mike Singletary talks about what's next for San Francisco. (Published Saturday, Dec. 18, 2010)

    49ers head coach Mike Singletary is running out of things to say about a difficult 5-9 season. Thursday's 34-7 beatdown in San Diego was the worst loss of the Singletary era.

    "The quicker we put San Diego behind us, the better,” he said, adding, “I think as a team, as a coaching staff, we look at the changes, the things that we need to do, the execution has to be better the coaching has to be better."

    Singletary needs the Rams to lose to Kansas City and the Seahawks to fall against Atlanta on Sunday to aid any of the scenarios that could result in the 49ers slipping into the postseason.

    “My future depends on the St. Louis game that we have coming up. My future, to me, I take it one week at a time, and I don’t really worry about all the other things. But right now, my future focus is on St. Louis.”

    The 49ers will face the Rams on Sunday, December 26, in St. Louis.