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Newspaper Ad Slams Spanos' Decision

Nick Esayiam takes out $900 ad in North County Times



    Chargers Make Unexpected Kicking Change
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    Dean Spanos, president of the San Diego Chargers, looks on from a sideline.

    A race car driver says he was so annoyed that Chargers owner Dean Spanos announced to keep General Manager A.J. Smith and Head Coach Norv Turner, he took out an ad in Sunday’s paper to voice his frustration.

    Nick Esayiam says he spent $900 to put the ad in Sunday’s North County Times.

    In the ad, Esayiam write a letter to Spanos, venting his opinions of Smith and Turner’s tenure.

    “Your decision to retain Mr. Turner and Mr. Smith after a second year of missing the playoffs, is a commitment to failure and a poor business decision. If your goal is to move the Chargers to Los Angeles or elsewhere, you've just "sealed the deal" for such a move,” Esayiam wrote. “It is not to late to admit your mistake, bring in a staff that CAN win, and give San Diegans what they deserve. A winner.”

    Chargers Fans in Uproar

    [DGO] Chargers Fans in Uproar
    Head Coach Norv Turner and General Manager AJ Smith are staying in 2012. The fan reaction was strong and swift.
    (Published Wednesday, Jan. 4, 2012)

    Spanos made the announcement January 3, sparking a strong reaction from fans.