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San Diego Chargers launch a hurry-up offense to replace the aging Qualcomm Stadium

NFL Exec in San Diego Discusses New Stadium

What does the NFL think about the Stadium Scramble in San Diego?



    "Everybody Has Work to Do": NFL Exec

    A top NFL executive was in town to discuss the future of the San Diego Chargers and how stakeholders need to get on the same page - and fast. NBC 7's Gene Cubbison reports. (Published Tuesday, April 14, 2015)

    An NFL executive visiting San Diego for talks on the ongoing Chargers stadium debate said he hasn't seen any proposal "that would get everybody on the same page."

    Eric Grubman, President of Business Ventures with the NFL, was in San Diego Tuesday for his first visit with the Chargers and the Citizens' Stadium Advisory Group.

    The two sides were scheduled to meet for approximately 90 minutes to discuss efforts to construct a new NFL stadium. CSAG has identified Mission Valley as a proposed site. The Chargers have been clear they prefer a downtown location.

    “Everybody has more work to do,” Grubman said in a media briefing following Tuesday's meetings.

    Stadium Task Force: Meeting With NFL Exec Was Productive

    [DGO] Stadium Task Force: Meeting With NFL Exec Was Productive
    Where to build a stadium is just one of the issues the team and the city may not see eye to eye on. It's one of the issues the Mayor's stadium task force talked about in those meetings today. NBC 7's Greg Bledsoe has more on how the meeting with the NFL executive went.
    (Published Tuesday, April 14, 2015)

    At this point in some relocations and renovations, Grubman said it’s not unusual for teams and cities to be on different pages. What’s different in San Diego’s discussion is the limited time frame available to work through those differences.

    “A successful project is built on everyone being enthusiastic about it,” Grubman said. “It has to be something that can get done and it has to be something that can get funded.”

    “As yet there hasn’t been any proposal that would get everybody on the same page.”

    The nine-member CSAG stands by Mission Valley as their recommendation, according to its Chair Adam Day.

    "We've said from Day 1 we need to get to a point where everyone can agree. If the city and the team doesn't agree, we're all wasting our time," Day said."We’re not here to waste our time."

    He characterized the meeting as "very positive."

    Is San Diego Wasting Time?

    [DGO] Is San Diego Wasting Time?
    Members of the San Diego media meets with NFL executives and ask if there's hope of a solution. NFL Executive Eric Grubman responds.
    (Published Tuesday, April 14, 2015)

    Day added that the panel is still focused on a May 20 deadline to present their findings to Mayor Kevin Faulconer.

    San Diego County supervisors and city council members have agreed to split the cost of consultants hired to research and negotiate stadium options.

    The agreement states the city and county would both pay $250,000 to find the best lawyers and consultants to create a plan.

    In February, the San Diego Chargers confirmed they are considering relocating to Carson, just outside of Los Angeles. The team would share a stadium with the Oakland Raiders who are in stadium negotiations of their own.