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Brazilian Refs Studying English Curses for USA World Cup Match



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    The U.S. players at the World Cup will have to watch their mouths come Saturday.

    A Brazilian referee crew is learning English curses and will discipline players caught swearing in their opening match against England.

    "We have to learn what kind of words the players say," ref Altemar Hausmann told Brazilian broadcaster Globo Sport. "All players swear and we know we will hear a few."

    Hausmann will be part of a three man team officiating USA vs. England game and are determined to not let players get away with abuse, the Associated Press reported.

    Roberto Braatz, another Brazilian ref, said they aren't learning them in "11 different languages, but at least we have to know the swear words in English."

    In soccer, a referee has the power to caution or kick-out a player who uses abusive language or gestures.

    Wayne Rooney, a star striker for England is known for having a foul mouth and was recently given a yellow card during a warm-up match for cursing at an official.

    England team captain Steven Gerrard said he's not prepared to lose "big players at important times" because of bad behavior.

    "In this day and age I think it's important to show the referees some respect," Gerrard said. "You don't use any language because then you'll be booked and the whole team suffers. You don't want to fall into that trap"