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McCoy: Team "Didn't Get It Done" Against Washington



    McCoy: Team "Didn't Get It Done" Against Washington

    Three plays.

    The Chargers had three plays (and two time outs) to win against Washington in regulation Sunday, but ultimately, couldn't get it done.

    They failed to execute, head coach Mike McCoy said Monday.

    McCoy was asked several times about the seemingly strange play calls at the end of the game.

    "I'm not questioning what we did," McCoy said. "We called the plays we did and it didn't work. That's why we're here saying it today."

    On the one-yard line, the Chargers needed to, quite simply, punch it in. But they only ran once (and without a fullback on the field) and the lack of physicality seemed to reveal a distrust in running back Ryan Mathews, who was on the field for only one of the final three plays, but didn't get the ball.

    Still, McCoy says they have not lost faith in Mathews.

    "Not at all," he emphasized.

    The ball was given to Danny Woodhead in the first (and only rushing) play. Woodhead, while dominating and fierce, is not as big as Mathews, who can leverage more power and physicality.

    The final two plays were passing plays. Rivers had the option to either pass or hand the ball to Ryan on the second to last play, and he chose the former.

    "It was not an audible," McCoy said. "It was a run, pass option. He saw Antonio Gates out there and threw him a fade route. It didn't work. He missed him."

    Regardless, the three plays heard round the world were indicative of a demon the team hoped they had exorcised -- the inability to finish.

    "We have to finish the game," McCoy said. "We had every opportunity in the world to finish it and we didn't get it done. It comes down to us finding a way to execute it better and get it in the end zone, coaches, players included. We are all in this together. This is the San Diego Chargers football team. We're not putting on one face, one player, one person. We're in this together and it starts with me as the head coach."