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Winter Olympics Sochi 2014

Winter Olympics Sochi 2014

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Locals Make Olympic Road Trip

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    Locals Make Olympic Road Trip
    Steven Luke

    For athletes heading to Vancouver, there's a saying that speaks to their preparation "the Olympics aren't every four years, they're every day."

    For Dori Caccamisi and her husband Paul of El Cajon, Olympics hopefuls of a different kind, the saying is more like "once in a lifetime."

    "It is something we've always wanted to do,” said Paul as he was busy packing up the couple’s RV this weekend.

    Call it a check on the bucket list, a second honeymoon or any other cliche you can think up, the fact remains this is an authentic slice of the American Dream - packing up for a road trip to the Olympics

    Trip of a Lifetime

    [DGO] Trip of a Lifetime
    Dori Caccamisi and her husband Paul are heading on a 21-day road trip to the Vancouver Olympics.
    (Published Monday, Feb. 8, 2010)

    "We’ve never been away for 21 days before and that's how long we're going to be gone,” said Paul. “I think it's going to be a great adventure."

    The drive alone will take three days and cover more than 1400 miles, leaving plenty of time to look forward to and then reflect on this Olympic road trip."

    Getting there takes work, moving back and forth between their home and home away from home on wheels. The couple packed food, warm clothes, stuff to keep on top of work, more warm clothes and everything from new boots to Old Glory.

    From bunting to several flags, the couple is ready to show their support for U.S. athletes competing in the games.

    The hardest part of the trip was finding tickets.

    "We bit the bullet and paid a lot for the Opening Ceremony, but that's what's going to make the experience for us,"said Dori.

    The one thing they haven't secured yet, figure skating 'tickets', which they say are running about ten times face value.