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LT Style Electric Glide



    LT Style Electric Glide

    A video just posted to YouTube gives us a whole new view of Chargers star LaDainian Tomlinson.

    The video, which looks like it may be two or three years old, is titled “LT Dance.”

    The Chargers running back raps about how he reads the defense, how he waves to the wife. Let’s just say you’ve got to watch it a few times.

    “I like it. I like it old school,” said NFL football analyst Vencie Glenn on Valley View Sportswrap.

    Yes - old school like The Super Bowl Shuffle.

    “I starred in a video when I was about 10 years old and I since have burned it,” said NFL analyst La’Roi Glover after watching the video.

    The music sounded eerily familiar to us. We found it at the beginning of this Nike ad with LT and Kimbo Slice. Check it out for yourself.

    Say what you will. There are worse football rap dance videos. Be happy LT isn't as lame as this guy.