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Judge Blocks, Tackles 49ers Stadium Lawsuit



    Judge Blocks, Tackles 49ers Stadium Lawsuit
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    The 49ers stadium supporters have another reason the cheer.

    The Great America amusement park in Santa Clara now has one less straw to grab at in their desperate attempts to block a 49ers stadium from being built next door.

    The San Jose Mercury News reports a Santa Clara judge has thrown out a lawsuit by Great America's owners, Cedar Fair Entertainment Group, which alleged that an agreement between the team and the park violated California environmental laws.

    Just to be clear here -- Great America was challenging the legality of an arrangement they had already agreed to.

    Nothing has gone right so far for these anti-stadium lawsuits in Santa Clara County. Last month, a different Santa Clara judge threw out a separate lawsuit challenging the language of the ballot measure.

    Still, Great America is probably undaunted by this. They also have yet another lawsuit against the stadium still in the pipeline.

    A lawsuit they filed April 12 contends that a separate, independent environmental review was inadequate. The Mercury News quotes Great America's attorneys as saying, "These challenges can be addressed, but only through serious, immediate and sustained negotiations between the city, 49ers and Cedar Fair."

    In other words? A certain amusement park company might just be playing hard-to-get in hopes of wrangling a nice, large financial settlement out of a certain pro football team that wants to build on their parking lot.

    And the San Francisco 49ers are learning that everything always costs more inside an amusement park.

     Joe Kukura is a freelance writer who think the 49ers might want to consider that they say that place is haunted.