HS Football Schedule: 2011 Western - NBC 7 San Diego

HS Football Schedule: 2011 Western



    HS Football Schedule: 2011 Western

    A look at this year's schedule for the Western Standings from CalPreps.com.

    These are the games for Serra and Coach Brian Basteyns, Point Loma and Coach Mike Hastings, Mission Bay and Coach Willie Matson, Madison and Coach Rick Jackson, La Jolla and Coach Rrey Hernandez and Hoover and Coach Cree Morris.

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    Team Game-By-Game Logs
    Hoover (San Diego, CA)
    (Division: II, Enrollment: 2190, Coach: Cree Morris, On Campus Stadium: no lights, Colors: Red/White/Black, Nickname: Cardinals, Address: 4474 El Cajon Blvd)
    DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2010 Record2010 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
    Sat 09/03Granite Hills (El Cajon, CA)Christian (El Cajon, CA)0-016.56-69.6CoastalV7:00pm
    Fri 09/09Mesa College (San Diego, CA)St. Augustine (San Diego, CA)0-022.49-327.5EasternIII6:30pm
    Fri 09/16RoadBrawley (CA)0-07.89-312.6Imperial ValleyIV7:30pm
    Fri 09/23RoadCastle Park (Chula Vista, CA)0-03.16-54.4Metro - PacificIII7:00pm
    Fri 09/30RoadOtay Ranch (Chula Vista, CA)0-0237-526.5Metro - MesaI7:00pm
    Fri 10/14RoadPoint Loma (San Diego, CA)*0-0209-423.5WesternIII6:30pm
    Fri 10/21RoadSerra (San Diego, CA)*0-0-0.52-81.5WesternIII6:30pm
    Fri 10/28RoadLa Jolla (CA)*0-0-12-91WesternIV6:30pm
    Fri 11/04RoadMission Bay (San Diego, CA)*0-01.13-95.6WesternIV2:30pm
    Fri 11/11RoadMadison (San Diego, CA)*0-032.112-238.8WesternIV7:00pm
    La Jolla (CA)
    (Division: IV, Enrollment: 1591, Coach: Rey Hernandez, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Red/Black, Nickname: Vikings, Address: 750 Nautilus St)
    DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2010 Record2010 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
    Fri 09/02RoadMt. Carmel (San Diego, CA)0-018.86-620.1ValleyII7:00pm
    Fri 09/09RoadWest Hills (Santee, CA)0-01.23-74.6Grossmont - HillsIII7:00pm
    Fri 09/16HomeValley Center (CA)0-029.112-137.2ValleyIV7:00pm
    Fri 09/23Mesa College (San Diego, CA)St. Augustine (San Diego, CA)0-022.49-327.5EasternIII6:30pm
    Fri 09/30HomeSanta Fe Christian (Solana Beach, CA)0-0267-521.4CoastalIV6:30pm
    Fri 10/14RoadMadison (San Diego, CA)*0-032.112-238.8WesternIV6:30pm
    Fri 10/21RoadPoint Loma (San Diego, CA)*0-0209-423.5WesternIII3:00pm
    Fri 10/28HomeHoover (San Diego, CA)*0-0-53-6-1-1.6WesternII6:30pm
    Fri 11/04HomeSerra (San Diego, CA)*0-0-0.52-81.5WesternIII6:30pm
    Thu 11/10HomeMission Bay (San Diego, CA)*0-01.13-95.6WesternIV6:30pm
    Madison (San Diego, CA)
    (Division: IV, Enrollment: 1255, Coach: Rick Jackson, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Navy/White/Gray, Nickname: Warhawks, Address: 4833 Doliva Dr)
    DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2010 Record2010 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
    Fri 09/02HomeSan Marcos (CA)0-04.34-73.8ValleyIII6:30pm
    Fri 09/09HomeClairemont (San Diego, CA)0-0-181-9-16.5CentralIV6:30pm
    Fri 09/16HomeKearny (San Diego, CA)0-0-0.74-6-2.2CentralIII6:30pm
    Fri 09/30HomeOlympian (Chula Vista, CA)0-021.210-226.3Metro - MesaIV7:00pm
    Fri 10/07HomeMira Mesa (San Diego, CA)0-037.97-638.2EasternI6:30pm
    Fri 10/14HomeLa Jolla (CA)*0-0-12-91WesternIV6:30pm
    Fri 10/21HomeMission Bay (San Diego, CA)*0-01.13-95.6WesternIV6:30pm
    Fri 10/28RoadSerra (San Diego, CA)*0-0-0.52-81.5WesternIII6:30pm
    Fri 11/04HomePoint Loma (San Diego, CA)*0-0209-423.5WesternIII6:30pm
    Fri 11/11HomeHoover (San Diego, CA)*0-0-53-6-1-1.6WesternII7:00pm
    Mission Bay (San Diego, CA)
    (Division: IV, Enrollment: 1641, Coach: Willie Matson, On Campus Stadium: no lights, Colors: Black/Gold, Nickname: Buccaneers, Address: 2475 Grand Ave)
    DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2010 Record2010 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
    Fri 09/02RoadValhalla (El Cajon, CA)0-015.65-616.9Grossmont - HillsII7:00pm
    Fri 09/09RoadHorizon (San Diego, CA)0-016.37-410.1CoastalV6:30pm
    Fri 09/16HomeOtay Ranch (Chula Vista, CA)0-0237-526.5Metro - MesaI3:00pm
    Fri 09/23RoadClairemont (San Diego, CA)0-0-181-9-16.5CentralIV6:30pm
    Fri 09/30RoadOrange Glen (Escondido, CA)0-0-4.24-61.8ValleyII7:00pm
    Fri 10/14HomeSerra (San Diego, CA)*0-0-0.52-81.5WesternIII3:00pm
    Fri 10/21RoadMadison (San Diego, CA)*0-032.112-238.8WesternIV6:30pm
    Fri 10/28RoadPoint Loma (San Diego, CA)*0-0209-423.5WesternIII3:00pm
    Fri 11/04HomeHoover (San Diego, CA)*0-0-53-6-1-1.6WesternII2:30pm
    Thu 11/10RoadLa Jolla (CA)*0-0-12-91WesternIV6:30pm
    Point Loma (San Diego, CA)
    (Division: III, Enrollment: 2129, Coach: Mike Hastings, On Campus Stadium: no lights, Colors: Maroon/Gold, Nickname: Pointers, Address: 2335 Chatsworth Blvd)
    DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2010 Record2010 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
    Fri 09/02RoadOrange Glen (Escondido, CA)0-0-4.24-61.8ValleyII7:00pm
    Sat 09/10HomeLincoln (San Diego, CA)0-030.77-728.4EasternIII3:00pm
    Fri 09/16RoadMount Miguel (Spring Valley, CA)0-022.38-2-118.6Grossmont - ValleyIII7:00pm
    Fri 09/23RoadScripps Ranch (San Diego, CA)0-0236-5-124.8EasternII6:30pm
    Fri 09/30RoadSteele Canyon (Spring Valley, CA)0-040.59-339.3Grossmont - HillsII7:00pm
    Fri 10/14HomeHoover (San Diego, CA)*0-0-53-6-1-1.6WesternII6:30pm
    Fri 10/21HomeLa Jolla (CA)*0-0-12-91WesternIV3:00pm
    Fri 10/28HomeMission Bay (San Diego, CA)*0-01.13-95.6WesternIV3:00pm
    Fri 11/04RoadMadison (San Diego, CA)*0-032.112-238.8WesternIV6:30pm
    Fri 11/11HomeSerra (San Diego, CA)*0-0-0.52-81.5WesternIII2:30pm
    Serra (San Diego, CA)
    (Division: III, Enrollment: 2087, Coach: Brian Basteyns, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Gold/Brown, Nickname: Conquistadores, Address: 5156 Santo Rd)
    DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2010 Record2010 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
    Fri 09/02RoadMonte Vista (Spring Valley, CA)0-0-4.82-8-6.3Grossmont - ValleyIII7:30pm
    Fri 09/09RoadOtay Ranch (Chula Vista, CA)0-0237-526.5Metro - MesaI7:00pm
    Fri 09/16RoadEl Capitan (Lakeside, CA)0-011.65-5-19.6Grossmont - ValleyIII7:00pm
    Fri 09/23HomeUniversity City (San Diego, CA)0-0-6.34-6-2.3CentralIII6:30pm
    Fri 10/14RoadMission Bay (San Diego, CA)*0-01.13-95.6WesternIV3:00pm
    Fri 10/21HomeHoover (San Diego, CA)*0-0-53-6-1-1.6WesternII6:30pm
    Fri 10/28HomeMadison (San Diego, CA)*0-032.112-238.8WesternIV6:30pm
    Fri 11/04RoadLa Jolla (CA)*0-0-12-91WesternIV6:30pm
    Fri 11/11RoadPoint Loma (San Diego, CA)*0-0209-423.5WesternIII2:30pm