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HS Football Schedule: 2011 Avocado - West



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    A look at this year's schedule for the Avocado - West Standings from CalPreps.com.

    These are the games for Rancho Buena Vista with Coach Eric Jorgensen, Oceanside with Coach John Carroll, La Costa Canyon with Coach Sean Sovacool, El Camino with Coach Pulu Poumele and Carlsbad with Coach Bob McAllister.

    Carlsbad's matchup against La Costa Canyon was one of NBC 7 San Diego's Games of the Week in 2010. Click here for video.

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    Team Game-By-Game Logs
    Carlsbad (CA)
    (Division: I, Enrollment: 2939, Coach: Bob McAllister, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Purple/White, Nickname: Lancers, Address: 3557 Lancer Way)
    DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2010 Record2010 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
    Fri 09/02Mesa College (San Diego, CA)St. Augustine (San Diego, CA)0-022.49-327.5EasternIII6:30pm
    Fri 09/09RoadSan Diego (CA)0-04.86-4-15.7CentralI7:00pm
    Fri 09/16RoadRamona (CA)0-019.65-621.6PalomarIII7:30pm
    Fri 09/30HomeTorrey Pines (San Diego, CA)0-04010-244.7PalomarI7:00pm
    Fri 10/07RoadFallbrook (CA)0-07.51-8-16.4Avocado - EastI7:00pm
    Fri 10/14HomeLa Costa Canyon (Carlsbad, CA)*0-034.87-534.4Avocado - WestII7:00pm
    Fri 10/21RoadEl Camino (Oceanside, CA)*0-014.65-616.9Avocado - WestI7:00pm
    Fri 10/28RoadPoway (CA)0-025.67-529.4PalomarI7:00pm
    Fri 11/04HomeOceanside (CA)*0-057.910-355.6Avocado - WestII7:00pm
    Fri 11/11HomeRancho Buena Vista (Vista, CA)*0-015.42-815.3Avocado - WestI7:00pm
    El Camino (Oceanside, CA)
    (Division: I, Enrollment: 2963, Coach: Pulu Poumele, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Brown/Gold, Nickname: Wildcats, Address: 400 Rancho Del Oro)
    DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2010 Record2010 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
    Fri 09/02HomeGardena (CA)0-002-91.5Marine (Los Angeles)I7:00pm
    Thu 09/08Ramona (Riverside, CA)Arlington (Riverside, CA)0-021.39-322.3Inland Valley (Southern)Central (V)7:00pm
    Fri 09/16HomeEastlake (Chula Vista, CA)0-047.111-140.9Metro - MesaI7:00pm
    Fri 09/30HomeWestview (San Diego, CA)0-092-84.9PalomarII7:00pm
    Fri 10/07RoadVista (CA)0-044.712-151.1Avocado - EastI7:00pm
    Fri 10/14HomeFallbrook (CA)0-07.51-8-16.4Avocado - EastI7:00pm
    Fri 10/21HomeCarlsbad (CA)*0-022.16-631.5Avocado - WestI7:00pm
    Fri 10/28RoadRancho Buena Vista (Vista, CA)*0-015.42-815.3Avocado - WestI7:00pm
    Fri 11/04HomeLa Costa Canyon (Carlsbad, CA)*0-034.87-534.4Avocado - WestII7:00pm
    Fri 11/11RoadOceanside (CA)*0-057.910-355.6Avocado - WestII7:00pm
    La Costa Canyon (Carlsbad, CA)
    (Division: II, Enrollment: 2450, Coach: Sean Sovacool, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Green/Vegas Gold/Midnight Blue, Nickname: Mavericks, Address: 1 Maverick Wy)
    DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2010 Record2010 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
    Fri 09/02HomeMarina (Huntington Beach, CA)0-04.93-74.9Sunset (Southern)Pac-5 (I)7:00pm
    Fri 09/09HomePoway (CA)0-025.67-529.4PalomarI7:00pm
    Fri 09/16RoadSan Clemente (CA)0-055.48-343.5South Coast (Southern)Pac-5 (I)7:00pm
    Fri 09/23RoadRedlands (CA)0-034.47-3-134.7Citrus Belt (Southern)Inland (II)7:00pm
    Fri 09/30HomeFallbrook (CA)0-07.51-8-16.4Avocado - EastI7:00pm
    Fri 10/14RoadCarlsbad (CA)*0-022.16-631.5Avocado - WestI7:00pm
    Fri 10/21HomeRancho Buena Vista (Vista, CA)*0-015.42-815.3Avocado - WestI7:00pm
    Fri 10/28RoadOceanside (CA)*0-057.910-355.6Avocado - WestII7:00pm
    Fri 11/04RoadEl Camino (Oceanside, CA)*0-014.65-616.9Avocado - WestI7:00pm
    Fri 11/11HomeTorrey Pines (San Diego, CA)0-04010-244.7PalomarI7:00pm
    Oceanside (CA)
    (Division: II, Enrollment: 2377, Coach: John Carroll, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Green/White/Black, Nickname: Pirates, Address: 1 Pirates Cove)
    DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2010 Record2010 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
    Thu 09/01HomeServite (Anaheim, CA)0-075.714-167.9Trinity (Southern)Pac-5 (I)7:00pm
    Fri 09/09HomeChaparral (Temecula, CA)0-032.24-728.4Southwestern (Southern)Inland (II)7:00pm
    Fri 09/16RoadMira Mesa (San Diego, CA)0-037.97-638.2EasternI7:00pm
    Fri 09/30HomeVista (CA)0-044.712-151.1Avocado - EastI7:00pm
    Fri 10/07RoadMission Hills (San Marcos, CA)0-041.410-342.2Avocado - EastII7:00pm
    Fri 10/14RoadRancho Buena Vista (Vista, CA)*0-015.42-815.3Avocado - WestI7:00pm
    Fri 10/21HomeRamona (CA)0-019.65-621.6PalomarIII7:00pm
    Fri 10/28HomeLa Costa Canyon (Carlsbad, CA)*0-034.87-534.4Avocado - WestII7:00pm
    Fri 11/04RoadCarlsbad (CA)*0-022.16-631.5Avocado - WestI7:00pm
    Fri 11/11HomeEl Camino (Oceanside, CA)*0-014.65-616.9Avocado - WestI7:00pm
    Rancho Buena Vista (Vista, CA)
    (Division: I, Enrollment: 3077, Coach: Eric Jorgensen, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Maroon/Silver, Nickname: Longhorns, Address: 1601 Longhorn Dr)
    DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2010 Record2010 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
    Fri 09/02RoadEscondido (CA)0-001-8-19.9Avocado - EastI7:00pm
    Fri 09/09RoadMira Mesa (San Diego, CA)0-037.97-638.2EasternI7:00pm
    Fri 09/16RoadWestview (San Diego, CA)0-092-84.9PalomarII7:00pm
    Fri 09/23HomeFallbrook (CA)0-07.51-8-16.4Avocado - EastI7:00pm
    Fri 10/07HomeTorrey Pines (San Diego, CA)0-04010-244.7PalomarI7:00pm
    Fri 10/14HomeOceanside (CA)*0-057.910-355.6Avocado - WestII7:00pm
    Fri 10/21RoadLa Costa Canyon (Carlsbad, CA)*0-034.87-534.4Avocado - WestII7:00pm
    Fri 10/28HomeEl Camino (Oceanside, CA)*0-014.65-616.9Avocado - WestI7:00pm
    Fri 11/04RoadVista (CA)0-044.712-151.1Avocado - EastI7:00pm
    Fri 11/11RoadCarlsbad (CA)*0-022.16-631.5Avocado - WestI7:00pm