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Giants to Panda: Lose Weight or Lose Your Job

Sandoval told to lose weight or he'll be sent to the minors.



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    The San Francisco Giants are still celebrating winning the World Series, but front office is aggressively taking on some of the team's heftiest issues. Not only did they decline to renew the contract of World Series MVP Edgar Renteria, now they're telling fan favorite Pablo "Kung Fu Panda" Sandoval that he'll be sent down to the minor leagues unless he loses some weight.

    The San Francisco Chroniclereports that the Giants' front office has threatened to demote Sandoval to the minor leagues if he doesn't lose weight and put on muscle this off-season.

    Sandoval is listed at 246 pounds. Sandoval appeared in only six games during the Giants' post-season run.

    "Worst case, if he doesn't pull off what he needs to do in the off-season, he could end up in the minor-leagues to start the year to get his act ready," Giants' general manager Brian Sabean told the Chronicle.


    So take it easy on those hot fudge sundaes the size of a basketball there Panda. Suddenly the idea of a big fan favorite like you getting sent down to the minor leagues does not sound extra nuts.

    Joe Kukura is a freelance writer who finds it hilarious that thousands of Giants fans wore panda hats to games in which Sandoval was on the bench.