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    Fans Watch and Wait
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    Sports blogs are all over reports that the Red Sox have re-opened talks with the Padres concerning All Star first baseman Adrian Gonzalez.

    Padres fans, it's going to happen. Either now, or just before the season starts or at the trade deadline. And no, I don't like it either.

    But it doesn't appear this ownership group has deep pockets.

    The rumors over Adrian Gonzalez's future with the Padres started circling in late October when the Padres 2010 season ticket brochure was sent without a single picture of the star player.

    When asked about the brochure two months ago, Padres spokesman Warren Miller said that fans shouldn't read anything into Gonzalez not being in the brochures. Miller said that the team did put Gonzalez in calendars given out at the end of the season and that, overall, the Friars' marketing has shifted from players to the experience of fans.