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Electric Glide Fever



    Electric Glide Fever

    A YouTube clip of Chargers star LaDainian Tomlinson may show fans a different side of the star running back but could it also predict victory?

    Television actor Anthony Anderson cited the YouTube video "LT Dance" as the reason he's going with the Chargers for the win Sunday over the New York Jets.

    "The Chicago Bears came up with The Super Bowl Shuffle," Anderson said on The Jimmy Fallon Show.

    "That's his Super Bowl Shuffle baby!"

    Anderson called the score 24-21 Chargers.

    The YouTube clip was recorded a few years ago but it was released last weekend. "We're doing well, the Chargers, and so it was the perfect time to release it," Tomlinson explained Monday after practice.

    LT said he was going for the old school look. "I'm still a 70s baby. I was born in '79 so I have to take it back a little bit," he said.

    If you love the clip, you can show it. A T-Shirt company called "Frightening Lightning" is offering the shirt online -- without LT's likeness -- for $20 in mens and womens sizes.