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Dodgers' McCourt and MLB Set to Meet

The man appointed to oversee team operations, J. Thomas Schieffer, will arrive Wednesday in LA



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    Frank McCourt, right, will meet Wednesday with league officials.

    Embattled Dodgers owner Frank McCourt and Major League Baseball executives are set to meet in New York on Wednesday to hash out details surrounding the league's takeover of the team.

    See Dodgers: The Changeup, for complete coverage of the team in transition.

    When McCourt is in New York, the man appointed to oversee the team's daily operations will be in LA. Former Texas Rangers president J. Thomas Schieffer will conduct a news conference Wednesday at a hotel near Los Angeles International Airport, not at Dodger Stadium. Schieffer, 63, is the younger brother of "Face the Nation'' host Bob Schieffer and is currently senior counsel at a Texas law firm.

    In New York, McCourt and league executives will "discuss a number of matters, including practical concerns regarding the monitor and the details of the FOX agreement," McCourt said in a statement Tuesday.

    "The agreement reached by the Dodgers and FOX for a new media rights deal provides financial stability for the ballclub for years to come. The media rights package is fully negotiated, and it is one of the most favorable ever reached by a baseball team," he wrote.

    On Friday, Steve Soboroff, who was recently hired by the Dodgers, called for a meeting with the MLB.

    “Frank has money in the bank,” Soboroff said. “He has a $3 billion deal with Fox. Can't we talk to the commissioner? Can't we talk to the people that are going to vote on this?''

    Last week, MLB Commissioner Bud Selig announced the takeover. On Monday, the league appointed Schieffer as the team's "monitor."