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Could Escondido Be a Reality?



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    San Diego Chargers officials are scheduled to meet Monday with one of several developers interested in partnering with the team on building a new stadium in Escondido combined with a large complex of offices, condos or retail shops, the North County Times reported.

    But some leaders of the local business community said they were skeptical that the city could support so much new development so quickly, especially in light of Escondido's spotty track record with urban real estate and office projects.

    And others questioned whether the city's lack of eminent domain power might make it impossible to acquire the 30 to 60 acres required for a stadium, according to the paper.

    The leading Escondido site is the decaying industrial zone north of Highway 78 and east of Interstate 15, where the 12-acre Swap Meet site could be combined with adjacent vacant and underused parcels.

    Meanwhile, team officials said this week that they were open to a multicity effort, with one community building a stadium and another providing land and other incentives for the ancillary development. Under such an arrangement, the team would share revenues with the developer and both cities.