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Cooper Wants To Hit Somebody

Linebacker wants to watch Mathews, too



    Cooper Wants To Hit Somebody
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    Stephen Cooper #54 of the San Diego Chargers celebrates his interception against the Detroit Lions during the fourth quarter at Qualcomm Stadium December 16, 2007 in San Diego California.

    Chargerslinebacker Stephen Cooper has a straightforward approach to stopping the Kansas City Chiefs on Monday night.

    Kickoff return team?

    “We want to go out there and hit them in the mouth,” Cooper said.

    Running back Jamaal Charles?

    “We just hit him in his mouth,” Cooper said.

    Offensive and defensive line?

    “As long as we're getting off the ball and hitting people in the face,” Cooper said, “we're going to be fine.”

    Simple enough. This does, however, present a dilemma.

    Cooper can't very well be causing facial and dental trauma for the entirety of the Chargers' season opener. He has to find some way to pass time when on the sideline.

    Cooper has this one figured out, too.

    When he's not personally bringing the contact, he's watching his teammates follow suit — specifically, running back Ryan Mathews.

    Cooper said he'll turn his attention to the Chargers rookie once he's done talking strategy with coaches.

    “He's a guy who can hit you in the face, run by you and shake you at the same time,” Cooper said. “I think he's a little bit like LT but more physical. Honestly, Kansas City will have a lot to look out for."