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Confidence Boost for the Bolts

The Chiefs may be terrible, but there is plenty to celebrate about



    Confidence Boost for the Bolts
    Vincent Jackson catches a touchdown pass against the Chiefs - October 25, 2009.

    There may not be anything more refreshing for Chargers fans than getting to watch a good old fashioned blowout victory. 

    Make no mistakes about it, the Chiefs (1-6) are not good, but given the doubts about the Chargers (3-3) coming into Sunday, Craig Elsten and Chris Ello from were not about to take a 37-7 blowout win on the road for granted. 

    “I don’t want people to just look at this game and think, well, it’s only the Chiefs.  Two weeks ago the Chiefs took Dallas Cowboys to overtime,” Ello said in a post game podcast.

    Elsten agreed with Ello and said that a win, especially on the road, is something to celebrate and Chargers fans appreciated being able to relax for the first time this season.
    “I don’t remember the last time, other than against the Raiders, that we’ve been able to have a second half, which wasn’t filled with anxiety, a heightened heart rate and pacing the room,” he said.

    There still remains some concern over LaDainian Tomlinson’s performance.  He was able to rack up 71 yards on 21 carries, but 36 of those yards came on one carry. Ello said it did not change his mind about the Chargers running game.

    Darren Sproles has been the more dangerous runner for the Chargers all season long, than LT has, and if you look at the games where they really struggled in the running game, how many times did they give it to Darren Sproles? You’ve got to get this guy involved in this offense,” said Ello.

    The Chargers defense was going against a weak and depleted Chiefs offensive line but was able to get off the field yesterday, with Kansas City converting just 3 of 15 third downs.

    “I saw it with my own two eyes, I couldn’t even believe it, a play where Merriman hit him and Phillips hit him and Cassel threw an interception,” Elsten said. “I hope the confidence provided by a big win like this helps these guys to truly elevate their game to where they need it to be.”

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