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Chargers Rookie Regrets Raiders Hat



    Chargers Rookie Regrets Raiders Hat
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    Keenan Allen on a non-Raiders lovin' day.

    "I get it fans!!!! Won't happen again!" -- Keenan Allen, Chargers rookie, posted that to Twitter Saturday after the unfortunate choice of hats he made when shooting a Vine video. 

    The wide receiver just happened to be wearing an Oakland Raiders hat in the video.

    You can just imagine how well that went over with Chargers fans.

    On Monday, when members of the media had a chance to interview Allen about the controversy, he did talk about the incident and apologized.

    He didn’t want to talk about it in depth and didn’t explain why he chose the hat.

    He told the media that he made a mistake and talked with the team about it.

    Defense captain Eric Weddle talked to him about it and Allen said that it won’t happen again.

    Special Section: San Diego Chargers

    The Raiders and Chargers have had a healthy animosity for one another since their days in the AFL.

    The rivalry is so well-known in San Diego, a well-known bail bondsman once used Raiders fans in his popular television ads.