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Chargers Remove 'San Diego' From Logo

Social media symbol undergoes interesting alteration



    Chargers Remove 'San Diego' From Logo

    With speculation running rampant about whether or not the Chargers are going to stay in San Diego or leave for Los Angeles, little things can be magnified to look like big things.

    So when the Chargers decided to change the logo on their Facebook page from this:

    To this:

    People took it as a sign the announcement of a move is imminent. Removing the city name and the Lightning Bolt logo would be a natural move or a team looking to relocate and re-brand. But the Chargers say there is no hidden meaning in the change.

    "We change our logos on our social channels periodically both to improve aesthetics and to promote important messages such as Breast Cancer Awareness, Salute to Service, Seau Hall of Fame induction and others," said a Chargers team spokesperson through a statement to NBC 7 SportsWrap. "We apologize for any confusion the aesthetic changes may have caused."

    When asked about the suspect timing of the alteration and if there is anything to read in to, the Chargers representative said simply, "Nothing."

    The reasoning makes sense and NFL teams do often change their social media symbols to correspond with big events or causes. The interesting thing about this instance is the only thing the NFL is really promoting at the moment is the Super Bowl, which of course the Chargers are not involved with.

    If the changing of the social media logo is truly just, "Business as usual," then the timing of it for a fan base that already wakes up each and every day with frayed nerves hoping not to hear more bad news is truly awful.