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Chargers Investigated for Cheating

NFL investigating Chargers for use of illegal "sticky" tape



    Chargers Investigated for Cheating

    Fox Sports is reporting that the NFL is investigating the Chargers for using illegal "Stick-Em" type tape during the game against the Broncos Monday night.

    Twitter has exploded with accusations, complaints, and allegations.

    Sportscenter: “#NFL investigating Chargers after they were caught using a banned Stick em-type substance vs. Broncos (via @JayGlazer)”

    SB Nation: “The Chargers are accused of using Stick-Em in their MNF loss to Denver. Bad PR for Stick-Em”

    Fox Sports Sideline Reporter Jay Glazer: “NFL Security has already begun investigation as SD equipment man was hiding illegal sticky substance and giving to players. Line judge saw it and had it confiscated and sent to Broncos and league.”

    Along with all the “official” tweets regarding the investigation, comes the commentary.

    @PeterBurnsRadio “StickEm-Gate perfect excuse to get rid of Norv Turner in San Diego. Fans are fed up, this likely is the Mortal Kombat "Fatality" move.”

    @BFTB_Chargers “Robert Meachem + Stick-em Tape ≠ Vincent Jackson #math”

    “At least the Patriots and Saints were smart enough to cheat their way to some Super Bowls. We can't even cheat the right way.”

    “Norv's halftime speech: "Look, I know they won't let us cheat anymore. They're not taking those points back though, so we'll be fine."”

    U-T San Diego Reporter Annie Heilbrunn: If #StickEmGate is true (after a horrible loss and the #ChillPill thing) ... Then oy vey. Only one thing to say: #winningcuresall

    The NFL says they are still gathering all the facts, but an investigation is underway.

    On Sunday afternoon, the San Diego Chargers tackled the sticky cheating allegations head-on and released the following statement:

    “We are aware of the inquiry and are cooperating fully with the League.”

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