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Canadian Import Impresses Chargers



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    "The biggest thing for any young guy like Vaughn is the physical conditioning, and strength," said Head Coach Norv Turner.

    Mini camp is all about teaching and in the case of rookie defensive tackle Vaughn Martin... learning.

    "Obviously they try and ease you into it physically, but they throw a lot of stuff at you as far as the playbook, and stuff like that," Martin said. "And that's my biggest challenge, or adjustment as far as the volume and speed they want you to learn at."

    Martin's learning curve in football really started in prep school, and it wasn't long after that, coaches started telling him he might have a pro future.

    "It's more legitimate you know. You can believe it. I really started believing it and working hard when I went back to Canada," added Martin.

    At 6 feet 2 inches, 325 pounds, this Jamaican born Canadian certainly impressed the Charger scouts.  He actually sent scout Tom Gibbons flying in a drill that appeared on You Tube.

    "I felt sort of bad for him. At the time I thought I was doing just a drill didn't realize it was going to be this big of a deal."

    Martin is trying to forget it, but admits it's funny.

    "Honestly I didn't know who put it up on the Internet. But yes I have watched it one, five, twenty times," laughed Martin.

    So has Chargers General Manager A.J. Smith, who has been kidding the scout a lot.

    "At the end of the draft I say thank you to the coaches, and the scouts saying this has been a special year," chuckled Smith. "We even had one of our scouts in the never ending search for players, put his life on the line to find us a player. That’s Tom Gibbons, and we all gave him a round of applause."

    Lets see, playing at western Ontario compared to playing in the NFL -- yes Vaughn Martin has a big transition to make.

    "The biggest thing for any young guy like Vaughn is the physical conditioning, and strength," said Head Coach Norv Turner

    Martin doesn't agree totally.

    "There's no exchange rate as far as weight, and pounds, and height. So coming down across the border I'm not really giving up anything like that. What I do probably give up is coaching and technique."

    That started to change this weekend at mini camp.