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Can You Pull a Humvee?

Marines compete for the Strongest Warrior".



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    What does it take to be the strongest warrior?

    If you're a Marine, it means strapping a Humvee to your back and seeing how fast and how far you can pull it. The Top 2 finishers in the Humvee Pull at the Strongest Warrior Competition at Camp Pendleton finished in 33 and 34 seconds, respectively.  

    The competition is a yearly test of strength and will that puts participants through a series of seemingly impossible tasks, such as running with more than 100 pounds in each hand, tire flipping, and a bench-press challenge. It's worth noting that the top finisher in the women's Jeep pull weighs just 112 pounds.

    "It boosts morale, it gives them something to look forward to," said Joe Artino, who is with the Marine Corps Community Services organization. "It's a big team effort and ultimately benefits our Marines and sailors aboard the base."

    Winners receive a trophy and a year's worth of bragging rights.