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Brian Giles Civil Suit Sparked by Sushi Bar Chat



    Brian Giles Civil Suit Sparked by Sushi Bar Chat
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    Brian Giles ex-girlfriend Cheri Olvera, 32, is suing him for $10 million in damages, alleging, among other things, that he beat her while she was pregnant.

    Small talk at a sushi bar eight years ago is the basis for a multi-million dollar civil lawsuit between former Padres outfielder Brian Giles and his ex-girlfriend Cheri Olvera

    Giles’ ex-girlfriend testified in a San Diego courtroom Monday during a civil lawsuit that alleges physical abuse by the former Major Leaguer.

    Olvera said the couple, who at the time had been dating for just eight months, was discussing her future when Giles told her she and her daughter would have nothing to worry about.

    “It was just ‘You are going to be fine, Reagan is going to be fine, don't worry about it.’” Olvera testified Monday.

    The plaintiff claims this was a verbal contract. Giles and his defense team see things differently.

    While Giles played for the Padres, the couple purchased a house in Del Mar with a groundskeeper, housekeeper, personal assistant and nanny. Olvera testified she had access to the couple’s joint bank account and “worked” for Giles.

    “My job was to completely support him in every way,” she testified. “When he was playing he did not want to be bothered at all.”

    “Everyone knew you had to go through me first if you wanted to talk to him,” she said.

    Giles and Olvera were engaged and had planned a wedding for Nov 17, 2007 when, two weeks before that date, Olvera received a pre-nuptial agreement and retained a lawyer to review it.

    If she had signed the papers, she testified, she would not have shared in any of Giles' MLB salary or ownership of their house. At the time Giles was earning $9 million a year.

    Per the proposed pre-nuptial, if the marriage were to dissolve, Olvera would receive $80,000 a year for four years and her daughter would have $10,000 a year for 10 years deposited into a college fund for a total of $100,000.

    She countered by proposing $150,000 for the college fund and a 3% share in the home for every year married along with $80,000 for five years.

    The couple could not agree on terms and in February 2008, Olvera testified she moved into a home in Solana Beach for a trial separation. Once her daughter finished school in June 2008,  Olvera moved out of both homes.

    During cross-examination, Olvera testified she lived in nice homes, flew First Class everywhere, and spent thousands of dollars per month in clothes during her relationship with Giles. She also testified that her daughter was treated well by Giles and attended school at Santa Fe Christian.

    Giles may testify Monday afternoon if called by the plaintiff. If not, he will likely testify once the defense presents its case. That could be as early as Wednesday attorneys said.  

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