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49ers-Ravens Sets Off Crab War

Both football towns are also crab towns.



    49ers-Ravens Sets Off Crab War
    Justin Sullivan
    It's a tale of two cities, this Super Bowl -- which means a tale of two crabs.

    It's not Harbaugh against Harbaugh at all.

    It's crab on crab -- as in Dungeness versus blue crab.

    Yes, San Francisco and Baltimore may be different cities on different coasts, filled with different people who do different things -- but both towns are crab towns.

    San Franciscans praise the meaty flesh of the Dungeness, while the steamed blue crab -- with Old Bay seasoning, of course -- is a Baltimore staple.

    Look for the local arthropod to feature heavily in the predictable mayor vs. mayor wager.

    Of course, only one of the two has its very own Crabtree.