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49ers' Announcer Fired for Being Too Colorful



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    Gary Plummer during some down time during the 49ers' 1994 season.

    When the 49ers announced that they were replacing veteran color commentator Gary Plummer little was said about why.

    The team announced 10 days ago that former 49ers' cornerback Eric Davis would team up with Ted Robinson.

    49ers' officials said nothing more than a thank you to Plummer for his 13 years of service in the booth. Some suspected he was canned for being too critical of the team, while the 49ers hinted that the fact Davis lives locally and Plummer does not played a role.

    Tuesday Deadspin added a theory of its own when the gossip site released an audio interview Plummer did after the Super Bowl with KSJO 92.3-FM.

    In the interview Plummer explicitly talks about his sexual exploits, how team officials used to help players hook up with women and the many sexual tricks he taught his brother.

    Wednesday Plummer confirmed to the San Jose Mercury News that the interview played a role in his firings but he said his often critical views of a 6-10 was the ultimate reason he was fired.

    "It was a convenient excuse to get rid of somebody who told the truth," Plummer told Dan Brown of the Merc.

    The team has denied that Plummer was fired for being too critical.

    The time line of the interview with when Davis says the 49ers began to talk to him about moving into the radio booth seem to correlate.

    Davis said in a recent interview on KNBR that the team began talking to him about becoming the full time radio color commentator shortly after the Super Bowl.

    The 49ers only issued a statement to several media sources when asked about the Deadspin article.

    You can listen to the full interview, in its graphic entirety on Deadspin's website.