3 and Out: Towers, Hoops and Zags


Padres General Manager Kevin Towers commented during the broadcast of the WBC game between Japan and Korea how much he enjoyed watching Team Japan.

Any chance he can trade for the entire team?   Hey, they play solid defense.  They put the ball in play and run the bases.  Yes, they even have guys who can steal bases!

I liked K.T.’s idea from a few years back of playing three centerfielders at Petco - might as well.  Get three guys who can cover a lot of the field and who can put the ball in play when they're at the plate.  Get a speedy second baseman and count on Adrien and Kooz to provide the power.  Play small ball. 

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Does this ever happen to you?  You make your NCAA Tournament picks, then get caught up watching the game and find yourself pulling for the team you picked to lose?   It happened to me while watching VCU and UCLA.  I picked the upset, but found myself pulling for the Bruins.

By the way, did you notice the President first had UCLA winning on his bracket then scratched it out and wrote in VCU?

Akron played Gonzaga in the Dance, it was the Zips and Zags.  Someone on the NCAA selection committee has a sense of humor.  It ended being one of the more entertaining games of the day. 
In case you missed it, the Bulldogs Zagged the Zips 77-64.

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