3 and Out; Roy Williams, Chris Simms, T Oh No

Almost lost in all the T.O. talk was the Cowboys cutting five time Pro Bowl safety Roy Williams. He played in only three games last season because of a broken arm.  Which means, fresh legs.  Williams is a thumper, something the Chargers need in the secondary.  He has coverage issues.  A big problem if you're a safety, to say the least.  But yes, he would look good with bolts on the side of his helmet.

Denver quarterback Jay Cutler has something else to whine about.  The Broncos acquired quarterback Chris Simms from the Tennessee Titans.  He was a back up last year.   But proved during his time in Tampa he has talent.  Cutler who was miffed when the Broncos talked about dealing him can now moan about Denver getting a back up, who can actually push him to play better.  Yo, Jay, very few guarentees in football.

Lots of talk that Terrell Owens could end up with the Raiders.  But only if he has to.  Owens wants to go to a team with a chance to win.  A good fit would be New Orleans.  Drew Brees wouldn't take any of his baloney.  

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